My first blog post.

Today has not been the greatest of days for me.  Work was frustrating.  I felt like an  overqualified secretary except with fewer tasks to complete.  Despite asking–almost begging– for someone, anyone, to give me something to do, I mostly just answered the phone.  So, a boring, unproductive day at work, coupled with just not feeling good about myself in general, made today a bust.

However, I recently began receiving the Upper Room Daily Devotionals via e-mail, and I have been enjoying taking a few minutes each morning (or really whenever I get to it) to read some passages from the Bible and reflect on them.  I really wanted to start reading the Bible more regularly this summer, and actually learning from it.  Because I sometimes don’t know where to start (the Bible is a really long book), the Upper Room helps me.

Anyway, a plus about having an extra-boring day at work was that I could take time to read the posts on one of my friend, Narcie’s, blog.  She also reads the Upper Room devotionals, and sometimes posts her reflections on them.  Narcie is a great blogger, and always includes pictures, videos, and music, not to mention truly enlightening posts on her life journey trying to “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk.”  Her discussion of one of the Upper Room Devotionals today is, I guess, what really gave me the idea to begin a blog where I can write my reflections on the passages I read daily, and on my faith in general.  I think it will be a good and easy way for me to keep track of my thoughts.

To be honest, I like reading blogs (even those of complete strangers), but in the past have been skeptical of blogging myself.  I love real paper and ink, and felt it would be traitorous to type in an online journal.  However, I still write my thoughts down, and am choosing to view this blog as a supplement to my regular writing.  My hope is that posting about the verses I read/that are on my mind at any particular time will help me grow in my faith and walk with God.  And, one of the best things about a blog is that it doesn’t take long to make a post, and is readily accessible.

Now that I have, seriously, rambled on for a long time (possibly incoherently), I will close this inaugural entry.  Here’s hoping I actually keep this up, and enjoy it, too!


About maggieagrant

I love my family, friends, mountains, the beach, running, laughing, cooking, reading, and hearing and making music.
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