Walkin’ in Memphis (very typical title)

Today I was having lots of flashbacks and thoughts of the trip Annie, Joanna and I took to

Welcome to Tennessee!

Memphis in May.  There is nothing like a good roadtrip with best friends, many Sonic stops, blaring music, and a whole bunch of laughter to

Got to have Sonic-- just don't order a weird drink (Jo).

start off a summer.  We actually

planned this trip to maximize good eating opportunities and visiting some of the “must-sees” of Memphis, along with spending some QT with Joanna’s bro, Jeremy and his wife Katrina and baby Noah.

Jo enjoying her lunch.

We left Blacksburg the weekend after all our finals ended, and stopped in Knoxville on the way for lunch at a sandwich shop situated around the main plaza downtown where they have a big farmer’s market.  It was a good pit stop.

The sandwich shop we ate at in Knoxville

I haven’t spent much time in Knoxville, but I liked what I saw of it!

Jo and me downtown.

We got to Memphis (Jeremy and Katrina actually live in Cordova, on the northeast side of the city) Saturday night in time to say hey to our really great hosts, and head downtown to Beale Street.  Now every time “Walkin’ In Memphis” comes on my iPod during a run, I actually know what Marc Cohn’s singin’ about when he says “Walkin’ with my feet ten feet off of Beale.”  Anyway– we ate at a restaurant

Us lookin' classy in a shop on Beale Street

that was good, but honestly, I think its cool glowing sign might have been the best part about it, and then went to some bars and made some new friends at a dance club.  There were lots of people out, and it was a fun time.  We even stopped in Coyote Ugly, where we witnessed some interesting spectacles which were funny in a “This is so ridiculous/embarrassing/I don’t even know I can’t do anything but laugh” kind of way.  At least that’s how I felt.  Haha.

That weekend, we also visited the Civil Rights Museum (my favorite part), which I loved for so many reasons.  We got those headsets that tell you all sorts of information, and at

National Civil Rights Museum

first mine was set on the kids’ version, so I was confused as to why the speakers were all children and why I already knew all the facts.  Ha!  Anyway, I got that fixed, and needless to say, the museum was incredibly comprehensive.  I have a passion for that part of our history, and it was really meaningful to visit the museum.  It is highly recommended by me.

Annie, Joanna, and I also had some time to walk around downtown Memphis and ate some delicious lunch of cheesecake at a cute shop.  The city has lots of southern charm (the best type), and is very relaxed and welcoming.  We also went to this place

3 of a kind

Jo and her cheesecake

called Mud Island River Park, which is a to-scale replica of the Mississippi River and its tributaries.  It was nice to spend some time outside before we drove to the Neely’s restaurant for some barbecue!  BBQ is one of my favorite foods, so I am not too choosy

Us at Neely's

about it, but Annie and Joanna (more food-critical than I) said it was good, but not the best.  If you go there, you should get the Sock-it-to-me cake, though, ’cause I love dessert (again, not too critical) and it is delicious.

One night, we went to a double-feature at a nearby drive-in, and that was good, too.  Honestly though, anything that includes Annie and Joanna is hard to beat.  We don’t have too much trouble having a good time, no matter where we are.  We skipped out on touring Graceland, because we aren’t in love with Elvis (apparently like

Cuties Noah and Annie

millions of others are), but we drove there just to get a picture outside the gates and sign the wall.  Near the end of our trip, we got to spend some good time with Katrina and Noah, which was great.  Katrina is so funny, and was such a wonderful hostess to us.

Country music!

On the way home, we stopped in Nashville for lunch at the well-known Jack’s BBQ, and to take some  pictures with some of the weird statues they have outside the honky

Jack's in Nashville

tonks.  Personally, I love country music, so I hope to go back to Nashville ASAP.  Who knows, I might even move there next year.

Sharing some tea with my new friend.

I am so grateful to have so many sisters who make

I love them!

life so fun and worthwhile.  I love going on roadtrips.  Annie and I decided we are making this an annual tradition, so I can’t wait ’til next year’s adventure.


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