Everything Glorious

Today was a good day.

It started out very wet for me, as it started pouring down rain about five minutes into my usual twenty minute walk all the way across campus for Spanish in the Wren Building.  I decided to wear a pair of shoes I recently bought for the first time, but they started rubbing on my heels and toes right about the time the heavens opened up.  After class I started the trek back to my apartment feeling really sorry for beating up my poor feet with those shoes that I suspected would not end up being too comfortable (should have gone with my gut feeling there, I guess), and bemoaning the fact that it will take at least a few days until I don’t have to pad my running shoes with band aids and toilet paper.  Ha.

Despite the four new blisters and hassle of being very wet, the day ended up being productive and pretty enjoyable for me anyway.  At one point as I trudged through the constant downpour, I thought to myself, “Man, it is so gross out here.  My poor feet are hurting so bad because of these dumb shoes, and my pants are soaking wet!  Ugh, even the new sidewalks on this campus are uneven and collect water in a second.”  But then I immediately thought, “Well, if those are all my ‘problems’ I really don’t have problems at all.  I am thankful for today.”  I’m glad I was able to give myself that little reminder of reality and how great my life is.

Tonight as I walked home from the gym I was feeling extra happy– maybe from all those endorphins they always talk about– but when the song “Everything Glorious” by the David Crowder Band came on my iPod, I  felt today was put into perspective even more.  Earlier in the afternoon, after I’d bandaged my feet and changed clothes, I got excited because I’d been planning in my head a trip to Virginia Beach on Friday to visit Katie B., Jackie, and Kylie.  But, then I realized I have to write a paper on Friday, so those plans probably won’t work out.  Anyway, the song “Everything Glorious” reminded me again of how blessed I am.  I am thankful for shoes to wear in the rain, an umbrella to cover my head, and the opportunity to go to school and write papers and learn.  I know that I don’t really have many significant issues going on right now to worry me, but even with little things it’s good to be reminded that God really does make everything glorious– even the rainiest, most gloomy days.  I wanted to skip home as I listened to this song and thought about my day.

Speaking of “glorious” things, one night this summer I sat on the Rural Mission pier all by myself watching the most amazing lightning storm I’ve ever seen.  In fourth grade I was ridiculously afraid of thunder and lightning, so much that I was paranoid and only watched the Weather Channel on TV (haha), but I have since overcome that fear.  Anyway, this lightning storm this summer was so awesome to watch.  I wanted to get my camera, but decided it would be better to just take it in and have my own memory of it.  I love how God’s glory shines through in nature, in people– in everything.

I am so blessed.



About maggieagrant

I love my family, friends, mountains, the beach, running, laughing, cooking, reading, and hearing and making music.
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