Pet-sitting (not for the weak of heart)

It’s really hard for me to believe that it is only Tuesday night!  In general, this week has been crazy for me.  I have been extra busy with school work, spent some extra time at my internship yesterday, and have been dog/cat/house-sitting this week.  Honestly, I think one of the most stressful parts about the past few days has been my constant tendency to make lists in my head and schedule my day so that I don’t forget to do anything.  This always happens when I am really busy.  I almost always have to write things down or otherwise the chances of me forgetting them are increased ten-fold.  Once I write them down I become a compulsive list-checker and that is not always as productive as I seem to think it might be.

Anyway, the dogs I am watching are big, fluffy and cute.  They are very good listeners, too, for the most part.  They are inside dogs, so I go to their house three times a day to let them out.  I’m also supposed to spend the night there.  The family I am doing this for also has two cats, which if anyone knows me, are not my favorite animal.  I like cats fine, I guess, but I feel like most of them always end up trying to scratch me, walk on me, rub against my legs, and/or are always in a bad mood.  From my experience, the nature of cats is just very different from the sweet nature of most dogs!

I think the pet-sitting has added a little stress to my week, because, let me tell you, pet-sitting these days can be very complicated!  The following is a list of some of the things the family told me when I went over to their house last Saturday before they left for out of town:

  • Let the dogs out at least three times a day (this means I drive to their house at least three times a day).
  • Give Cordy (old dog)  her two pills twice a day– one for her heart (taken whole), the other for her thyroid (to be served in halves).
  • Do not let Niblett (cat) sneak out the door or else he will 1) eat grass 2) run away 3) return inside the house and promptly throw up.
  • Fox (cat) likes to hide in the crack behind the porch door, so check for him there if he is ever MIA.
  • Keep all bedroom doors closed, otherwise the cats will come in and pee on the beds.
  • Empty kitty litter when it needs it (Being completely unfamiliar with cat care, I asked for some clarification on when this should occur.  The reply, “Trust me, you will smell it.”)
  • Leave baby-gate up in laundry room in order to block dogs from reaching litter box because, otherwise, they will eat the cats’ excrement.
  • Keep food and water for all animals well-stocked (of course).

I am an animal lover, but I guess I should admit that I am more of an animal lover from afar.  I love dogs (especially ours, Mollie and Brue), but not the ones that lick you all over, and smell extra gross, and things like that.  It’s just that I don’t care for animals getting up-close-and-personal with me unless I am mentally and physically prepared for it.  So, needless to say, pretty much every time the cats’ litter box needs changing I say out loud (since I like to talk to myself), “If my family could see me right now they would crack up.”  I also wonder what Nana would think (which, admittedly, is probably the exact same thing I will think in a few years days once this gig is up).   Emptying kitty litter definitely does not equal my chore of choice.

I think that litter boxes are one of many reasons that I hope to never have a cat (especially an inside one).  Call me crazy, but I guess I am just not cut out for scooping up an animal’s “bathroom” and disposing it in the kitchen trash can.  I am glad to help out and take care of someone else’s pets while they are out of town, but will be more excited when the animals get to see their people again!  Here’s to hoping my future husband is as much not a “cat person” as I am!  Cheers!

My favorite dogs.

P.S.  In other news, yesterday I snatched a gnat with my bare hands out of midair.  Also, I am going to visit two of my favorite people this weekend– Mom and Dad!


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I love my family, friends, mountains, the beach, running, laughing, cooking, reading, and hearing and making music.
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2 Responses to Pet-sitting (not for the weak of heart)

  1. annie says:

    1) hahaha
    2) you’re right- you’re not an animal lover- you love some animals.
    3) I didn’t know you signed things, “cheers!”…that’s for academic people who think they’re being “cordial” and academic-like.
    4) love you, enjoy the cat “bathroom” (normal people call that poop).

  2. maggieagrant says:

    hahah you know me too well.
    I debated on whether or not I should write “cheers!” but decided to only because it goes with making a proposition, i.e. “here’s to….”

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