My big brother

I’m not sure why, but a lot of times it seems like the weeks where you are struggling to get everything finished drag on as slow as possible, and the ones that are a little more calm always go by extra fast, making you get sooner to the next extra busy week.  I guess that is partly why it has been more than a week since I last wrote in this blog.

Mom had meetings in Richmond earlier this week, so she came over last night for a short visit.  We went out to dinner to celebrate Aubrey’s 24th (!) birthday. 🙂  Speaking of him, I am so thankful for my brother and cannot imagine a better one in the whole world.  This might sound like exaggeration, but it is honestly not.  I can’t really remember a time when Aubrey, Annie, and I weren’t all three good friends.  Of course we had arguments and got into fights some when we were younger, but especially once we all got into high school that went away for the most part.  There are so many things I love about my brother, so I’ll just note a few from more recent years.

QT with Mollie and Brue, December 2009

Every night in high school, Aubrey would come into my room and Annie’s room and say goodnight with a kiss on the forehead and a hug.  I’m not sure when exactly, but he randomly started doing this in high school and it became a regular thing.  When we’re all home during holidays, he still comes in to tuck us in each night.

Our senior year, Annie and I were both selected to be part of the Homecoming Court.  Aubrey surprised us by coming in from school in Philly for the weekend, just to see us on the Court and playing in the band during halftime.   I just remember being so happy to see him! I don’t know very many brothers who would take a weekend to travel hours home and watch their sisters stand on a football field instead of staying at school and hanging out with friends.

BHS Homecoming, October 2006

My junior year of high school, I decided to run for President of the Student Council Association.  Someone who I probably didn’t even know and who didn’t know me, wrote something mean on one of my posters, and it really hurt my feelings.  I remember Aubrey telling Mom that he wished he was home so he could give somebody a talking to (those weren’t the words, of course).  He has always supported Annie and me and has always considered it his responsibility to stick up for and protect us.

Going to prom, May 2008

During Aubrey’s senior year of college at UArts, he was part of the Senior Cabaret, where all the musical theater students choose a song that reflects their talent, growth, and experiences.  They perform it for their classmates, their families, and some faculty.  It came as a surprise at the time that Aubrey played and sang “Gavin’s Song” by Marc Broussard.  He prefaced his performance by explaining that while he had had fun hanging out with lots of different girls at school, he always ended up thinking about Annie and me and how special we were to him.  The song mentions how even though he can’t be there for everything, “[his] love still remains”  Looking back, of course it’s not surprising at all that Aubrey chose to sing this song to Annie and me.  He loves us so much and has never been afraid or embarrassed to share that with others.

Dad and Aub at his UArts graduation, May 2009

Aubrey is one of the most loving, tender-hearted, goofy, fun-loving, encouraging, and talented people I know.  He is a patient teacher, a passionate performer, a loyal son, and the best brother I could ever ask for, and has so much to offer the world.  I love Aubrey so much and am so grateful (to God and Mom and Dad!) he is in my life.

August 2010, in Charleston



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2 Responses to My big brother

  1. Alyssa says:

    Maggie, this is so beautiful .. it made me cry. I’ve always loved the way Aubrey talks about the relationship he has with you and Annie and I’ve loved seeing it as well. It’s really special.

    I love reading your blog from time to time .. I hope you’re doing well<3

  2. annie says:

    That’s a really nice tribute, mags. Love you, Auburn

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