Dad and Oleigh enjoying some QT at the game

A few weekends ago I traveled to Harrisonburg to watch my friend Tyler play football in the UMass vs. James Madison game.  It was really great fall weather (perfect for tailgating

Dancing for his cheering section

and watching football!), and so good to visit with lots of people I haven’t seen in a while.  We grew up with Tyler (and his bro and sis, Herbie and Lauren) but it’s hard to keep up with everyone once we’re all in different places.  It’s always an especially good time when get an excuse to get together and cheer on “one of our own.”  He reps Blacksburg real well.

Last year UMass played Richmond, so we all got to go see him then, too.  Cheering for someone I actually  know makes going to games ten times more fun.  It definitely brought back some memories of screaming for (at?) Herbie and Aubrey during all those Friday night games in high school.

Tyler is the star player for UMass football and I am so proud of him!  I am not saying this because I have known him a long time or am biased– it is honestly the truth!  Not only is he an exceptional athlete, he is a leader, an amazing role model for his nieces and nephew, and just a really good

Cheering 'cause we just took the lead!!

person.  Tyler uses his gifts well and lets his love for his family show all the time.  I really admire him for all he has accomplished (and can’t wait to watch him in a couple years in the NFL!!!!).

Mom, Akira, Annie and me waiting for "Uncle Ty-Ty's" appearance after the game

P.S.  He’s number 36 (if you didn’t get that from the pics) so everyone can watch him when they play on TV!!  Also, please watch this video from Tyler’s spring game this year:


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One Response to Football

  1. annie says:

    yeeeeeeeeah. Also- people should note that he made 2 interceptions, both returned for touchdowns (1 18yd return, the other 50yd) in their game vs. Maine last week. He became the first player in UMass history to ever do this. pretty impressive.

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