Live your truth

I came across this video, the “It Gets Better Project @ William and Mary,” this afternoon.  As a heterosexual person, sometimes it feels difficult to comfort and support those who identify otherwise.  Because I haven’t experienced the prejudices that so many gay, lesbian, transgendered, and transsexual people have, I don’t know how influential my voice really is if I tell someone “It will get better.” I know that it does matter, and I am also sure that hearing from someone who has “been there” means just as much, or probably even more.

I admire the individuals in this video so much, because I think it takes a lot of strength to share your personal experiences with others.  I’m sure these voices, and others like them, instill great hope into the lives of people who are struggling especially with issues of sexuality.

Regardless of our various beliefs and affiliations, the bottom line is that as friends, advocates, allies, family members and fellow human beings, it is each of our responsibility to reach out to others in love, not judgment.  As members of faith communities, we have the opportunity to show everyone, especially those who have been marginalized, bullied, or excluded, what it means to love unconditionally, just as Jesus loved.  As Christians, this is our calling from God; as human beings, our moral responsibility to humanity.

As one woman in the video states, “Always remember that you have the right to live your truth, whatever that means for you.”  My hope is that we lovingly embrace the uniqueness that God instilled in each of us, and that we all feel free to live out and celebrate our truth.


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One Response to Live your truth

  1. tboi13 says:

    this is a great post, now if only more Christians felt this way or spoke this way maybe there wouldn’t be such a divide in this country. Thank you for writing this!

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