Holiday in Review

This holiday season has been really wonderful.  It’s nice to be home and spend time with family but also see some people I haven’t in a long time.  I went downtown right before Christmas and it was like an impromptu high school reunion.  I really love being able to catch up with people and hear what’s going on in their lives.

Christmas was good.  We had a (normally) very busy Christmas Eve and got home from the three services around 9:30 pm.  Like so many of us on the East Coast, we woke up to a white Christmas and it snowed almost all day here.  Thankfully the weather did not prohibit us from having our usual brunch at the Byers’ and they were still able to come over for dinner Christmas night.  We miss Aubrey lots, especially when we ended up having a 12 person sleepover because we were all snowed-in!  Maybe it will become a new Christmas tradition.  Ha!

We drove to South Carolina the Monday after Christmas to see some family and then Annie and I got home in time to re-pack and head to Nashville for New Year’s.  It was lots of fun with good friends.  We got home Sunday night and Aubrey flew in earlier in the day, so now we are spending a few days at home with him.

I feel like the past few weeks have gone by really quickly, but they have been full of lots of goodness.  In two weeks I go back to school for my last college semester ever!  It’s gonna fly by.


About maggieagrant

I love my family, friends, mountains, the beach, running, laughing, cooking, reading, and hearing and making music.
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One Response to Holiday in Review

  1. Love the title and the photo! Also admiring that kitchen…would love to know the color of the walls and where you bought the greenery for the bay window–beautiful!

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