This morning as I was walking to the gym after class I had a “moment.”  I was listening to some gospel and all of a sudden I looked up and noticed how the trees are becoming filled with little green buds, flowers are blooming, and the birds are increasingly chattier.  All I could think as I became acutely aware of these signs of spring was how amazing the world is.  Sometimes I look around and wonder how some people can believe there isn’t a God because of how beautiful and wondrous the earth is.

Last night in my small group we talked about how God is with us always, even when we really don’t understand what’s happening in our lives or in the lives of our loved ones.  As Christians, we generally refer to Jesus’ death on the cross as the greatest manifestation of God’s love for us.  His death portrays God as one which mourns and suffers with us, rather than one which swoops in and saves us.  God is with us in the midst of global tragedies or our own daily struggles, and promises to love us through it all.

Sometimes (a lot of times for me, lately) all we can say is “I don’t know” because, truly, that is what we feel.  Last night we also talked about the power of presence.  I think that being able to sit in silence with another person and be ok with not knowing is an important (and sometimes frustrating) part of discovering who/where/what we are supposed to be.   When someone is hurting or grieving, and also sometimes when they are rejoicing, we can’t always understand their feelings, and we definitely don’t know what to do to “fix” it or make their pain go away.  I really believe that we should never underestimate the power of our presence.  It is so important to know that in our hard and easy times we have someone who supports and loves us, and reminds us of the interconnectedness of human beings.

When I look up at the blue sky and see the flowers blooming, I think of God and know God is with me; when I feel lonely, indecisive, and uncertain, God is with me; when something totally unexpected and so good but overwhelming and confusing happens in my life, I know God is here.  I’m comforted knowing that we have a God who experiences everything with us, even when it’s hard to believe or feel God’s presence.


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I love my family, friends, mountains, the beach, running, laughing, cooking, reading, and hearing and making music.
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