Goodbye, College

This post is a little belated, but I AM DONE WITH COLLEGE!!!!  I finished my last final exam on Friday morning and turned my last paper in that afternoon.  I have been jumping up and down (for real) every time I tell someone.  At first it felt really surreal.  Then, as I walked to my car with my friend Addie after our last exam period EVER, it started to hit us both.  We promptly began to celebrate with wine at our professor’s house ten minutes later.

Celebrating Sam's UMW graduation on Saturday!

Honestly, I imagined the end of college so, so many times the past four years.  Even though some of you may not believe me when I say this, it has really flown by.  My sentiments about finishing school and leaving William and Mary/Williamsburg are definitely mixed; but, I’m excited and scared to begin the next phase of my life.

BUT, before that starts, I have this whole week to rest, do fun things, and pack up before everyone arrives on Friday and Saturday for GRADUATION on Sunday!  I am SO excited to see my family and celebrate big with them.  Tomorrow I’m going to DC for fun and also to talk with some people about a possible summer internship!  I’m really excited.  Every day since I finished school I remind myself (and anyone around me) that I am finished with college and it is a crazy but incredibly exciting (did I mention that?) feeling.

Friday night was also the Wesley Foundation’s Senior Banquet, which they put on each Spring for all the graduating seniors.  It was really nice to be honored in that way.  After dinner, they asked each of us to go around and share any “senior wisdom” we had.  I am aware that usually, especially lately, I feel like I’m the one asking others for guidance, definitely not the person trying to dish it out.  While I am still learning this myself, my advice was/is this:

Don’t be afraid to let God lead you where you are supposed to be.  Some of the most meaningful experiences and relationships in my life, especially within the past four years, have been the most unexpected and surprising ones, and I could not be more grateful for all of them, and for the people who encouraged me to take risks and listen to God when I felt unsure and it was most difficult to trust the process.

Kenz and Me at Jamestown Beach because we don't have anymore school!


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