Words of Wisdom

In the midst of working at my internship and looking for full-time employment/trying to figure out where to go next (and starting to wonder if this process ever ends. . .), I remain acutely aware of how blessed my life is and how thankful I am to the people in my life who remind me of that on a daily basis.

I took a vacation from work over the past ten days or so and spent time in Richmond and Seabrook Island, South Carolina.  Over the course of my break, I talked to a number of important people in my life who have shared with me the following pieces of advice regarding jobs, relationships, and life in general.

“Go above and beyond to treat them well so that when you leave a person’s life, he or she can say, ‘I learned something from her.'”  For when I need a reminder to live by example.

“You deserve to be happy.”  For times when I forget, especially when it’s hard.

“You take what God gives you  . . . and it’s good.”  When what I plan for turns out to be different than God’s plan.

“Everything will work out in God’s time.”   For when I am unsure of the future. . . or the present.

“There is nothing wrong with you.  Don’t let yourself think that it’s your fault.”  For the days when I feel like, despite no lack of trying, I won’t ever get a job.

“My instinct is to protect you.  I don’t want it to be hard for you.  I don’t want you to be hurt.”  When I need to be reminded that parents want the best life for us, even if that sometimes seems to get lost in translation.

“Don’t forget that it’s us, so the people that are important to us will love us.  And we aren’t judgmental, so most people won’t judge us.”  For when I forget that who I am goes a long way.


About maggieagrant

I love my family, friends, mountains, the beach, running, laughing, cooking, reading, and hearing and making music.
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