The past month flew by.  I’ve wanted to write a number of times since my last post, but things have been pretty busy so it didn’t happen.  After my summer job ended, I spent two weeks at the beach and a little bit of time at home before I packed up my things (again) and headed south. 

Today is my two week anniversary of living in North Carolina!  I continued my full-time job search as soon as I arrived, and fortunately, on Sunday I got a job!  I started work Monday morning bright and early (7:00) at a goat dairy farm.  My job is to milk the goats and make cheese, bread, and cheesecakes.  It is definitely not the sort of job I was expecting to have right now, well probably ever, but so far it’s been pretty good!  Although I’m pretty sure I won’t be a “dairy fairy” forever, I’m excited that I get to learn lots of new things and that I have an interesting job for now.

So, that’s the update on my life.  I would put up some pictures of the end of my summer, but unfortunately my computer is real sick with a virus right now so that is not possible.  Next up for me is finding a place to live in Durham since the farm is an hour away from where I’ve been staying.  This post isn’t that interesting and is definitely not extraordinary, but hopefully it won’t take me so long to write next time.  Maybe I’ll have some funny goat stories to tell.  🙂

P.S.  The title of this post (“Bleat”) is because I couldn’t think of anything else and figured a goat sound might be appropriate.


About maggieagrant

I love my family, friends, mountains, the beach, running, laughing, cooking, reading, and hearing and making music.
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